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colors change rechargeable PE hang led ball


W-B100:Ø10 CM / W-B120 :Ø12 CM

W-B200:Ø20 CM / W-B250 :Ø25 CM

W-B300:Ø30 CM / W-B350 :Ø35 CM

W-B400:Ø40 CM / W-B500::Ø50 CM

W-B600:Ø60 CM / W-B800:Ø80 CM

W-B800:Ø1000 CM
11 SIZES::
  • W-B100/W-B120/W-B150/W-B200/W-B250/W-B300/W-B350/W-B400/W-B500/W-B600/W-B800/W-B1000
  • WAVE
  This cute  led decorative ball lights have different specifications to choose from, and can be placed on the swimming pool for decoration of the float. This led decorative ball lights on the garden is also a good choice, you can choose different sizes of ball lights for a simple combination of decoration. Applicable to the decoration of the garden there are led flower pots. Color Changing LED Light Flower Planter is a commonly used in the garden decorative short cylinder led lights. Short cylinder design is very cute.

Product name: LED  Decorative Light
 Item No:W-B300/W-B350/W-B400/W-B500/W-B600/W-B800
 Size:W-B300:Ø30 CM / W-B350 :Ø35 CM / W-B400:Ø40 CM /

            W-B500::Ø50 CM / W-B600:Ø60 CM / W-B800:Ø80 CM

            W-B1000:Ø100 CM
 Material:LLDPE import from Korea/Thailand
 Light source: W-B300 :6pcs RGB5050+6pcs W3014 LED /

                         W-B350 :6pcs RGB5050+6pcs W3014 LED /  

                         W-B400 :6pcs RGB5050+6pcs W3014 LED / 

                         W-B500:12pcs RGB5050+6pcs W3014 LED /

                         W-B600:24pcs RGB5050+24pcs W3014 LED / 

                         W-B800:24pcs RGB5050+24pcs W3014 LED
 IP rating IP65 and resist sunlight UV
 Battery type:Lithium battery
 Charging time:5-8 hours
 Working time: 9-12 hours
 Input voltage:100-240V
Output voltage:5V 1A
 LED lifetime:50000-80000 hours
 Color:16 mix colors 
 N.G/G.W: W-B150 :W-B300 :1.8/2.2kg /W-B350 :2/2.5kg / W-B400:2.5/3kg/
                  W-B500:3.8/5kg / W-B600:5/7kg / W-B800:9/12kg

Packing size: W-B350 :31*31*31CM / W-B350 :36*36*36CM / 

                       W-B400:41*41*41 CM /
W-B500:51*51*51CM / 

                       W-B600:61*61*61 CM / W-B800:82*82*82 CM
LED Decorative Light  Certificate:CE/Rohs
LED Decorative Light  Usage:Events, bars, exhibitions, gardens ,home and outdoors...
LED Decorative Light  Accessories:Controller, adapter, instruction
LED Decorative Light  Testing::There is more than 30hrs light testing before  shipping .We ensure the quality of each light system in good condition.
LED Decorative Light  Warranty:3 years warranty for furniture main parts--plastic  shell,1 year warranty for LED parts.

why choose us ?

1Professional manufacturer of  LED furniture.
2.High quality LLDPE imported from Thailand.
3.Excellent manufacture technology and responsible workers .
3.On time fast delivery. For the urgent clients , we provide 1~3 days fast delivery .
4.Top after sale service.
5.Our customer cares phone being 24 hours on to answer you right away.

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