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Use Led Furniture To Decorate Your Coffee Shop

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Wanna get some new decorative style? Wanna get something special to active your coffee shop and to attract more customer ? An easy way to do it , use Led furniture . (including Led counter , Led sofa , Led chair , and Led decorative light. ) Don’t know how to start ? Follow me .

Step 1 , Led Counter
New product , Led counter is big enough to hole lots of objects , just like the normal front desk . Why choose the LED one ? It’s more cheaper , and has more use value . When the night comes , your counter will shine , and you can charge how strong the light be , and there are 16 changeable colors at your choice . It makes your coffee shop looks more attractive , and even like the JJ'S Bar , but a more comfortable place for chatting , isn’t it funny ?

Step 2 ,Le Table and Led Chair
With the new product lanuch , you can have a try about Led table and Led chair, i ‘m sure it really brings you a bid surprise . Cause the led table and led chair are made of PE material , through high-temperature and cooling technique , you and the customers avoid being hurt if crash it .And it’s not heavy that you can change the place you put them , you even can change a style a week .What’s more , remote control and long working time , when the night comes , just turn on the lights inside led table and led chair, you could never imagine how beautiful your coffee shop is !
Step 3 ,Led Decorative Light .
When you had finished step 1 and 2 , it’s time to add some LED decorative lights now . As for the shape of LED decorative light , there many kind for your choice , like the circle-shape , egg-shape ,duck-shape , snowflake-shape ,mushroom-shape , start-shape , just you like . And , if you want some Led flower pot , there also has reply too .Here , you can also skip step 1 and 2 just by the LED Decorative Light , you can try the effect , and make your further decision .
In daytime , your coffee shop looks in the gentle white color , give us customers a comfortable vision ; during the night , it comes to 16 changeable colors , the shining light full of your coffee shop , no matter whom passer by , must wondering enter into your coffee shop to enjoy the atmosphere and a cup of coffee. The biggest profit is that once you own a set of Led furniture , you just get two coffee shops ! Don’ t you ?

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