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Led furniture , give you a water party !

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Outdoor ,swimming pool , night party , pretty girl ,sounds really fabulous ? Aha ,let’s have a water party with LED furniture ! I bet it will give you some amazing feeling !


Firstly , you need the LED table, LED sofa and LED chair.

Maybe you think it is troublesome to consider so much party stuff , just be patient , and read the following words . In fact , you can have LED table and LED sofa, or LED table and LED chair ,cause the function of LED sofa just the same as LED chair ,yeah , we know , just for seat. So you can have a LED table to place your cake , beer ,glasses, suchlike . When you turn on the LED table , it gives out light around , and the party arrangement  stuff are visible without any light at night . You don’t need any light , the LED table offer you enough light , and build a more feeling atmosphere . Just imagine your friends seat on the LED sofa/chair around the shining LED table , talking , laughing , enjoying themselves .


Then the major stuff was done , here you need some LED decorative light to décor the water party ! 

There many kinds of waterproof LED decorative light for your choice . Like the ball , star, dog , duck, cube and so on . Choose the shape you like , and put them into the water pool , you even can see the water is shining .The surprise is more than you can imagine. Only 4 or 5 such light is enough , all these led furniture have remove control function with 16 color change .See? The surrounding is perfect , weak light , gentle water , more pleased for playing , chatting , open mind .


After the party , you can move the LED table and LED chair/sofa to your house ,as a normal furniture , as well as the LED decorative light , can be used to décor your house .Isn’t it more useful ?LED furniture , give you a wonderful night , wonderful friends , and wonder water party !


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