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LED Furniture - The New Event Furniture

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We are constantly investing in new products and services to enhance our clients events.

One area of the business we heavily invest in each year is our Venue Dressing equipment.

The range features various seating products including led cubes, bar stools, bucket chairs and benches which coupled with either our tall or small poseur tables can create fantastic chill out/VIP areas.

As well as seating and tables the product range also includes a full 6m circular bar, led straight bar, ice buckets and led spheres.

With a battery life of 8-10 hours, a range of color options and available to use both indoors and outdoors(IP65 Rated) it is no wonder the LED Furniture range is spending more time on events than on our warehouse shelves.

The start of this year we did some research to see how we could use the LED Furniture to further enhance client's events. We found an adhesive material that was able to be printed with branding and also stick to the products for a semi-permanent period of time. Since then our LED Cubes & Ice Buckets have became even more popular, with the cubes creating a fantastic table center piece.

We even wrapped the cubes with gold ribbon for a few clients last December to make them look like Christmas Presents.

If you would like more information on our LED Furniture range you can view our brochure here.

If you are considering buy furniture for your event, why not consider our LED Furniture range.

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