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A Romantic Way to Express Love to Your Liker

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A Romantic Way to Express Love to Your Liker

  It’s nature and wonderful that every one will love someone , and when we show our love to our liker , we all want to have a different and special way . Have a liker and don’t know how to express your love ? Aha , here a romantic way is offered to you -----use LED light.


1 . use LED cube to display a ‘love’ 

  The LED cube   have many sizes, small , medium ,bigger size , you can choose the size you like .Here , you can use the LED cube to display a love, it can be a filled one or just a love shape , all depend on you . Then you can place some rose petal near the “love” . Every LED cube is 16 color change with remove control function. So , you can put them in a room with the remote control light on ,blot out your like ‘s eyes , lead him/she near the house and show him . Or more romantic , put them in the dark place , when your liker walk near , turn on the light through remote control .Then , express your love .I bet it really surprise him/she .


2 . Use multiple LED light .

  If you don’t like the first way , you may try this way , a more direct way , use the heart-shape LED light. There are heart-shape light offer , you can decide a place , and put the heart-shape light with your idea , or you can hang them in the house , attach your liker’s photos on the heart-shape light surface . Set the light to a soft kind , and maybe some romantic music . Can you ever imagine how romantic it will be ?

It’s no doubt that even you will be moved by yourself .


So , until now , how do you think these two special way to express your love ? Why not have a try ?May your livers eventually become spouse.

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